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Windsor Royal Shopping Events Gallery

Below are a selection of events that we have held and organised at Windsor Royal Shopping.
Please click on the images below to view the gallery for each event.

Windsorís most exclusive fashion show

World's Biggest Coffee Morning  Flippin Pancake Challenge
Windsor's most exclusive Fashion Show

Halloween Pumpkin Party Childrenís Motherís day workshop

WRS Refurbished Crest

Rock Choir 'flash mob' Windsor Spring Festival 
Screening of The Royal Wedding

60 Spheres for 60 years The Queen's Diamond Jubilee 
Parade & Muster
Which? Magazine TV Commercial

Wacky Windsor Tea Party Spring Fashion Show
   Halloween Pumpkin Party 31 10 2009 Spring fashion show 14 05 2009
Passion for Fashion Spring Fashion Show Halloween pumpkin Party
Spring Fashion Show

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